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Cookie policy

Cookie Policy

On the 3rd of June 2014 Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) have published official instructions for websites on how users should be informed about cookie usage (also known as "Cookie Law").

This Cookie Policy is related to the site www.quattrotorri.it (named “Site” in the rest of the document), managed and maintained by ASD Quattro Torri - C.F.: 96360010589 (named “ASD Quattro Torri” in the rest of the document).

Cookies are small text files sended to the user of the visited website. They are saved on the user's own PC. In this way, the web site can recognize the users and save some informations about them, with the goal of guaranteeing or improving the users' experience.

There are many types of cookies. Some are necessary to browse on the Site, others have different purposes like internal security protection, system management, statistical analysis, browsing analysis or permitting a better visit of the Site for the users.

The Site uses technical cookies and not profiling cookies. All the informations above are related to the user's PC and any other device that the user can use to connect to the Site.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those ones used to permit the data transmission on an electronic network or to the supplier requested by the user to provide the service.

They are not used to other purposes and they are normally installed by the owner of the website.

They can be divided into navigation cookies or session cookies, that guarantee the usual navigation and utilization of the website (e.g. to buy a product or get logged to enter reserved areas); cookies analytics, similar to technical cookies, used by the owner of the site to get general informations about the number of the users and how they visit the site; functional cookies, that permit to the users to navigate in some defined criteria (e.g. language, products to buy) to get a better user's experience.

Cookies disabling could limit the usage of the Site and block some functions and services on the Site. Here it is present a brief description of the cookies used on the Site, in order to decide which are accepted and which refused.

Types of cookies used

- First part cookies:

First part cookies (owned by the editor that created them) are set up by the website that is visited by the user. The website address is written on the URL window of the browser. These cookies permit the site to operate with efficiency and to get the users' navigation habits.

- Third part cookies:

Third part cookies are set up by a domain that differs to the visited one. If a user visits a site and a different society send the information using that visited site, there are third part cookies.

- Session cookies:

Session cookies are temporarily saved and they are deleted when the user close the browser. If the user get registered to the Site, the Site can use cookies that get personal data in order to identify the user for future visits and help Site access and login (e.g. saving user's username and password) and help navigation on the Site itself. Cookies could be used for system management. The Site could have links to other sites. ASD Quattro Torri has no access or control on cookies, web bacon and other tracing technologies used on other sites that the user can access from the Site itself. ASD Quattro Torri has no access or control on the availability, content, material publicized or obtained by these sites and the relative ways in which these data are used. Speaking of this matter, considering the size of these third part sites, ASD Quattro Torri declines any responsibility. User should verify the privacy policy of third part sites that can access from the Site to know the conditions of the personal data treatment, because ASD Quattro Torri Privacy Policy is applied only on the Site mentioned above.

- Permanent cookies:

Permanent cookies are saved on users' devices during the browser's sessions, allowing to remember the preferences or the common actions of the user on a site. They can be used with different aims, e.g. to save preferences and choices when the Site is used.

- Essential cookies:

These cookies are strictly necessary for the Site operation. Some parts of the Site could not work properly without them. Essential cookies include cookies that permit to access private areas of the Site. These cookies don't get informations for marketing and they cannot be disabled.

- Functional cookies:

These cookies are needed to recognize users that visit the Site in the future. They permit to customize contents and remember preferences (e.g. language selected or region). These cookies don't get informations that can identify the user. All registered informations are anonymous.

- Social Network Sharing cookies:

These cookies help to share contents of the site using social network like Facebook and Twitter. It is possible to visit the website of the social network to get informations about their own privacy and cookies policies. In case of Facebook and Twitter, user can visit https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies and https://twitter.com/privacy.

How to modify cookies settings

Almost all browsers accept cookies automatically, but user normally can modify settings to disable this function. It is possible to block all cookies types, or accept to receive just some of them and disable others. "Options" or "Preferences" sessions in the browser menu permit to disable cookies and other tracing technologies, and to obtain browser notification of activation of these technologies. It is also possible to read the "Help" section in the applications tray present in the browser.

For further informations on cookies and for cookies preferences (of first and/or third part), users are invited to visit thematic pages on sites related to this topic. Disabling navigation cookies or functional cookies can cause problems of the Site and/or limit the services of the Site itself.